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Like most things, It started with a vision. Chris and Vincent spoke about creative concepts,

instrumental ideas and how they could bring

it to life. Vincent was keen to use an adaptation of a Gaelic psalm known as Stroudwater, psalm 46 from the Psalms of Lewis.

This presented an inspiring challenge and required the assistance of an Artist. No one more stylistically relevant to the cause than Eurielle. She played an integral part in not only the performance of Stroudwater, but the research that led to the creation of it. Once Chris had produced the final recording, the accompaniment was rearranged several

times to produce the final piece. A real collaborationto create this element of the score.


Click on Eurielle's logo and social links to step into her world

and find exciting news about her forthcoming album.


"A throwing together of Vangelis and Enya; I

absolutely love this!”  

Ollie Winiberg (BBC Introducing - Essex)



“Ethereal symphonic pop songs… would slot into

the background of an epic fantasy film without a second thought.”  

Kat Bagshawe (Love Music Magazine)






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Instruments Of Darkness, the short film for Enemy Of Man has been released. After a long pre production stretch, the short has been released and a search for feature funding is under way.

Instruments Of Darkness was scored by Chris Cooper who also took care of the full audio post. Using cutting edge technology, smart collaborations and a toolbox of skills, Chris was able to pull together the entire sound for IOD. 


"I wanted to bring together all of the experience I have, which includes years of performance as a percussionist and musician, over a decade of experience as a music producer and post production sound editor, and finally, the best of what surrounds us all, other talent.


It's been incredible to work on and I'm just thrilled that Vincent and the crew love what we've done. In fact, Vincent has just asked me to score the Christmas production at his own theatre in Beverley, so it's going to be an exciting year with one thing and another"






























The composition of the music was inspired by a

combination of the directors vision and the music that we commonly associate with cinematic film. Big cinematic soundscapes, bespoke recordings of unusual instruments and performances from a variety of talented performers.

Research into the instrumentation and melodic

orchestration of the era was conducted and a

soundpalette that represented both now and

then was constructed.

Macbeth is known for the dark undertone it carries and this is something we were very enthusiastic about representing in the final mix. After the composition was completed, applying additional sound design elements and a final mix of the film was necessary to put icing on the cake.



We are very excited to see the short go out after taking the helm on the whole pre production campagin and are looking forward to the feature going into production. We will also feed information on how and where you can get hold of the soundtrack and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. 


Catch the preview trailer we did last year just below.

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